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Changing the way you get ahead

October 2016

At ElliottBrowne, we know first-hand that we all want the recruitment process to move faster. It’s understandable, given everything we do is as accessible and streamlined as ever – wherever we are, whatever the hour – so why can’t recruitment be the same? Imagine if it could be faster and simpler. Well, it can. As part of the Endorsed Group, we now have access to a revolutionary new platform from Endorsed Direct Hiring. Their ground-breaking network connects employers with candidates, allowing them both to manage and monitor real job offers online. Candidates chat directly with employers, after being pre-vetted by Endorsed talent champions. Current candidates say they’re excited by the platform, as it allows them to explore the market and see which companies are keen. Everything’s upfront. Simple, effective recruitment. As you’d expect, the Endorsed platform only accepts the very best candidates. The great news for job hunters is they can find roles they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Even better, employers apply to candidates, transforming the traditional recruitment process. An added benefit for employers is it simplifies the hiring process, as candidates can be shared with other team members. Discover more

The Big 4

April 2016

Along with Cross Fit, the Elliott Browne Düsseldorf Team has a passion for Table Tennis! Therefor the Team engages in a monthly Tournament to determine the best player in the office. Throughout the past months four players have been performing outstandingly and are now known as “The BIG 4”: Max Pelvay, Sven Wittich, Tarek Ibrahim and Paul Heslop. These four gentlemen have been battling back and forth over the title “Table Tennis champion” with very interesting results in April: In April the EB Düsseldorf team held two Table Tennis Tournaments, leaving Sven Wittich as the clear winner of the first tournament .Sadly for him, his victory was not supposed to last long. Only two days later Tarek Ibrahim took away the crown in the second tournament and we are proud to announce the new champion: Tarek Ibrahim! Congratulations Tarek! We are excited to see what will happen as the Tournaments go on in 2016, who will be the new champion and who will loose? Only time will tell, watch this space!! EB Sports – Its in the name!

Group Vision Meeting & Awards Night

April 2016

Our global teams had a great time reuniting in London this month for our Group Vision meeting!

EB ‘Great Place To Work’ Award

March 2016

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Great Place To Work Award’ in Germany and now rank among the Top employers across the nation!

Endorsed Group Top Biller

March 2016

Jonas poses alongside his well-deserved trophies after being ranked Top biller for the month of February across Elliott Browne and across the Endorsed Group as a whole. Congratulations Jonas!

EB Düsseldorf Top Biller

March 2016

One of our quickest rising stars across Elliott Browne, Tarek Ibrahim enjoyed his incentive trip to London after becoming one of our top billers only a few months after joining the company.

EB New York soccer tournament

January 2016

January’s soccer tournament in New York was yet another great testament to the amazing corporate culture and team bond that characterizes Elliott Browne and its teams across the globe!

Endorsed Group Monthly Global Performance Awards

January 2016

The Elliott Browne Dusseldorf team proudly representing their location during the Endorsed Group’s global meeting!

Holiday season

December 2015

“The Holiday season is upon us and has been splendidly mixing with the atmosphere at all of
our Elliott Browne offices!”

Elliott Browne Top Biller

November 2015

Tim Heslop has been crowned the 6 months ‪Top Biller at our ‪‎Ibiza 2015 incentive trip and handsomely rewarded with a ‪‎Rolex wrist watch! Congratulations Tim!..

Halloween 2015 New York

October 2015

An all-star team showed up last week for Halloween at the Elliott Browne New York Offices! Can you guess who snatched the best dressed prize?!..

Vision Meeting Ibiza

October 2015

Elliott Browne’s global top billers got a chance to reconvene at the Endorse Group vision meeting in Ibiza this October!..

New Champion!

October 2015

We have a new table tennis champion. Tarek Ibrahim has beaten the table tennis king Paul Heslop.
Existing matches to be continued . . .

Dusseldorf Team Expands

October 2015

The Elliott Browne Düsseldorf Team is growing and we are proud to welcome 7 new employees to EB family. Way to go guys!

Table Tennis Tournament

August 2015

Paul the founder of the company remains unbeaten in the monthly table tennis tournament, he is hoping for some competition from the new starters in September.

Monthly Award Ceremony

August 2015

At the end of each month we celebrate all of the deals we closed and welcome new starters to life at EB. It’s lots of fun with a full entertainment programme, as well as food and drinks served in the office!

CrossFit am Rhein

August 2015

EB is getting fit for the summer and the Ibiza trip planed in October 2015. no pain – no gain :-)

Charity Run

July 2015

We like to support local charities and sponsored Jakob Meyerhofer in a run in support of the charity "help children“

NYC Awards Night

June 2015

Probably best that these are the only photos of the night! Suited and booted, Top Performers celebrated putting us on the path to be one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. For our Top Biller, the limo took a nice detour past Rolex . . .

EB Wrestling Event

June 2015

EB Düsseldorf sent some of our “Brownies” to a professional wrestling event in Oberhausen – they had a blast and came back with some exciting stories!

B2B Company Run

June 2015

All for one and one for all! Four of our team took part in the B2B Company Run in Düsseldorf. There were some great performances and the whole team were waiting in the Esprit Arena to welcome all four runners at the finish line.

Puerto Rico Bound

May 2015

Top billers jetted off to the Caribbean to unwind after rewriting the NYC record books. Congratulations team!

Champagne and VIP Access

April 2015

NYC’s highest achievers enjoyed the Manhattan skyline to celebrate a great month. For a special person, public transport was replaced with a trip away…

Barcelona 2015

March 2015

The whole team flew to Barcelona for a long weekend in the sun together. Work hard – play harder!!